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News / Nov 06, 2008
Foreign investment and Foreign trade agency sign cooperation agreement with Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia
The cooperation agreement signing ceremony between “Foreign Investment and Foreign Trade Agency” of Mongolia and “Trade and Development Bank” of Mongo
News / Nov 06, 2008
Trade and Development Bank named the “Best bank” of the year 2007
The Government of Mongolia and Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry granted TDB as Best bank amongst Top 5 commercial banks in Mongolia. This re
News / Nov 06, 2008
Economic and Social Situation of Mongolia (As first 8 months of 2007)

General Government budget

  • In the first

News / Nov 06, 2008
Trade and Development Bank becomes the first bank in Mongolia to receive Moody’s commercial bank rating
Moody’s Investors Service is one of the three major international credit ratings agencies. It has been founded by John Moody in 1900. Moody’s has offi
News / May 15, 2008
“SILK ROAD AWARD” for outstanding contributions to business ties with Mongolia
Mr. Randolph Stanley Koppa, President of Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia, was honored by the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industr
News / Jan 21, 2008
5% discount

5% DISCOUNT will be accorded to payment paid using TDBM\'s VISA, MASTER and CREDIT CARDS. Discounts apply to all services provided by BAYANGOL HOT

News / Oct 25, 2007
TDB brings you the best corporate and investment banking service
Since its establishment the bank has been leading the Mongolian banking and financial market for 17 years.
News / Oct 25, 2007
International face of Mongolian banking sector
TDB has established correspondent relations with over 80 international financial institutions and has 22 correspondent accounts with the world\'s majo
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