/ Oct 25, 2007

TDB brings you the best corporate and investment banking service

Since its establishment the bank has been leading the Mongolian banking and financial market for 17 years.
Today the bank represents 19.1 percent of the total banking sector assets. In terms of loans, the bank is holding 19 percent. After tax earnings by the first half of 2007 were 32 percent of those reported for the entire banking sector.
Encouraged by its Moody\'s rating in 2006, the Bank has registered its inaugural USD 150 million EMTN Programme and successfully issued USD 75 million Registered Notes. This debut issuance was a launch of Mongolia\'s first ever public placement of debt in the international capital markets. The transaction was 9 times oversubscribed, and in total 96 investors from 13 countries purchased the bond. As long as TDB has been successfully expanding its business in
corporate finance and equity capital market, Investment Banking Department was established seperately in 2007 to assist Mongolian public and private corporations in raising funds in the international and local capital market, underwriting bond arrangement, etc.

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