/ Mar 15, 2019

TDB has been awarded as the "Bank of Successful Digital Transformation" by "Compass Plus" organization of Russia

On March 6, 2019, TDB has been awarded as the "Bank of Successful Digital Transformation" by "Compass Plus" organization of Russia. We had an interview with Mr. Khurelbaatar, a Deputy CEO of TDB, about the award.


-Hello, it was good. 

-Greetings to you and readers.


- In recent years, terms like digital evolution and the digital transformation have been frequently heard in the service sectors, especially in the financial sector. Let's start talking about how TDB is adapting to this change.

- TDB is committed to provide customers with the utmost convenience and strives to keep up with the modern trends. As a global transition toward the IV industrial revolution a.k.a. digital evolution is continuing, TDB as well, is moving with the transition by introducing modern trends in its internal processes, banking products, services, and customer service.


- Recently, TDB was awarded by an internationally recognized technology company. Can you please tell us more on that?

- TDB was selected as the  “Partner of the year, covering new horizons digitalization of banking space with compass plus” by the United Kingdom-based "Compass Plus" LLC. Our bank was awarded from over 400 banks and financial institutions worldwide that use products of “Compass Plus” LLC in their daily operations.


- You mentioned that over 400 banks and financial institutions around the world use the products and services of "Compass Plus" LLC. Would you mind explaining little bit more about it?

“Compass Plus” LLC is a  Russian company headquartered in the United Kingdom and has been developing  comprehensive software and card payment solutions for 30 years and has offices in the United States, Malaysia, Brazil and Jordan. In addition, Compass Plus also delivers its main products and solutions to more than 400 financial centers, processing centers, as well as  banks located in Asia, Europe, Africa,  Middle East, North and South American countries. It is a large information technology company that 40,000 ATMs and 300,000 POS devices worldwide are using “Compass Plus” software that processes 7 billion transactions made by 250 million payment cards.


- Can we understand that only TDB  has cooperation agreement with "Compass Plus" from Mongolia?

- TDB is the first company in Mongolia to cooperate with  “Compass Plus” LLC. Today, "Compass Plus" cooperates with 12 commercial banks of Mongolia, runs operations of five processing centers, providing card systems and software products for the banking sector.



- Thank you for sharing the latest news with us.

- Thank you. I wish you and the readers the best of success.



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