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News / Jun 30, 2009
“MoneyGram” to establish its network server division centre at the TDB
Trade and Development Bank (TDB) has been partnering with the global money transfer leader “MoneyGram International” since 2000.
News / Jun 16, 2009
TDB employees received honorary awards
According to the decree of the President of Mongolia, Mr. L.Purevdorj, President of Mongol Bank has handed out honorable awards to the best employees
News / May 27, 2009
First time in Mongolia TDB has implemented Treasury and Asset management system
In cooperation with GrapeCity company TDB has implemented brand new system of asset management and its accounting. A short interview was taken from J.
News / Mar 30, 2009
The public confidence in the banking sector is still strong

Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia is the one of the Lead Sponsors in Mongolia-Asia investment conference in Hong Kong

News / Mar 11, 2009
SUNROAD SETTLEMENT CENTER in Bayanzurkh district of Ulaanbaatar city
TDB is proud to announce the opening of the SUNROAD SETTLEMENT CENTER in Bayanzurkh district of Ulaanbaatar city, effective from March 11, 2009.
News / Feb 23, 2009
We should roll back the Windfall tax, and increase the Gold production to overcome the economic and financial difficulties
Besides the financing of the gold mining industry, we have discussed many important issues such as increasing of gold production which is the most imp
News / Feb 23, 2009
Trade and Development bank of Mongolia, jointly with Bank of Mongolia, organizes Gold Finance Conference in Ulaanbaatar
Trade and development bank of Mongolia (TDB), Mongolia\'s largest corporate bank, and Bank of Mongolia (BoM), the Central bank of Mongolia, had organi
News / Feb 19, 2009
TDB will organize “Gold Finance Conference”
TDB will organize “Gold Finance Conference” with MongolBank to support Mongolian gold mining industry, on 20th February, 2009.
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